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ALL Branding Top Post Jul 23, 2022

Branding 101: A Comprehensive Guide to the Branding Process

Introduction It is common knowledge that consumers gravitate towards brands. As a consumer, it doesn't matter where you are or what walk of life you are from, the concept of a brand signifies something positive to you. It can be...
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ALL Branding Top Post Jul 22, 2022

Branding vs Marketing: A Complete Guide (2022)

Introduction Although branding and marketing are ultimately communication tools for a brand, their objectives and how they go about achieving them are quite different. Although you might argue that both of them serve to communicate the brand to the consumers;...
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Branding Top Post Jul 21, 2022

How Crucial Is Branding In The World Today?

Introduction Branding is somewhat of a peculiar concept. Most people confuse branding with a brand and define it as the process of being notable or reputed or even influential. While those aspects are definitely a part of it, they do...
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A Guide To No-Code Web Design in 2022

Introduction In bare terms, it is a design where you do not need to write any code. No-code development allows programmers to create software using a graphical interface, instead of writing code. The early days of the internet were filled...
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ALL Top Post WEB DEVELOPMENT Jun 06, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide On No-Code Development (2021)

“Building an app no longer needs to be complicated or expensive!” No-code development is no longer an idea. It’s a reality. Developers no longer need to learn code to create high-quality applications with the help of no-code platforms. Tools like...
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ALL Top Post WEB DEVELOPMENT Jun 06, 2022

Shopify vs Magento Detailed Comparison (2022)

Introduction The eCommerce industry has witnessed a steady growth over the years with frequent spurts in between. The past few years have witnessed one of these spurts. This has been made possible by the advancements in technology, which have resulted...
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ALL Top Post WEB DEVELOPMENT Jun 06, 2022

WordPress vs PHP Website: Which One Is Better in 2022?

Introduction WordPress and PHP are two of the most popular web development platforms. Both have their own pros and cons, and choosing one over the other depends on your specific needs and preferences. PHP is a server-side scripting language that...

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