Your website is the first impression many people have of your brand, so you want them to come away impressed.

You may be surprised to know that the right website development company for your firm’s website redesign is not a simple task. It takes careful consideration and insight into what you want out of it, which can only happen by asking good questions when hiring a web design company! Being prepared with what sort of information will help them get in touch with potential agencies that understand their vision and are willing/able to give them an experience just like they envision it for themselves.

But with so many options for web development services across continents and countries out there, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices until the end. In order to help you make this process easier, we have listed down 15 important questions that you should ask the potential web development company before choosing one over another.

But before that let us know

Why ask questions to a website development company?

You might be thinking about why you need to ask questions before hiring a website development company or web design services.

Well, website development is not an easy task. There are many things that website developers should take care of while website development. If you hire a website developer without asking any questions then the chances are higher that your website will not be developed properly and it may not meet all your requirements.

Here are some reasons for which you should ask questions to the website development company before hiring them:

– You get detailed information about the website development process

– Asking questions provides transparency in the website development process

– The more transparent website developer is the better it would be for your business

– Hiring a professional helps in building trust you and web designer or web design company

– Questions allow you to decide website development company Whether website developer is suitable for your business or not

– It also allows website developers to know about your business and website goals

– Asking questions increases chances of website success as it aligns website goals with yours

– You will get all information in writing and it becomes a part of the website development contract. So there won’t be any hidden things and no surprises later on.

So now that you understand why asking questions before hiring a website developer is so important, let’s dive deep into the types of questions that you should ask web design companies:

1. Have they worked on website projects from the same industry?

When it comes to hiring a website development company, choosing one who has previous experience working in your industry is a major benefit. You’ll get more insight and better recommendations for content strategy or user experience design skills if they are familiar with the challenges faced by someone within that same niche market as yours – which will make sure you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities before them!

While finding somebody solely focused only on designing websites specifically related to a particular industry who can give great advice because these people generally know best, there may still come some drawbacks when relying heavily upon just this single source since they may not be giving something out of box or trending or some new insights which can be incorporated from the experience in other industry.

2. What are their web design and development processes?

The process of developing a website can vary greatly among different agencies. Some use an intensive, case-to-case approach while others work more systematically and follow guidelines set out in advance by the company’s design strategy or campaign brief; however, no two processes are alike!

It’s important to get familiar with your potential partner website development company’s internal workflow so you know what they will be doing for you and what will be their process. Not only does knowing this information helps in understanding how much input or direction or involvement from your side is required to be at each stage but also helps ensure that everything runs smoothly on the completion/completion date.

You should be knowing who will be involved in the design and development of a website as well as how it gets implemented at different agencies before deciding on one particular company that does everything under one roof.

3. How do they go about doing research for the projects?

The web developer’s job is to create a site that tells your story. They need to do research on who you are and what makes up the identity of your brand, so they can build it out accordingly- having an eye for detail and understanding of the target customer will assure a great user experience to customers and guide them to find out easily all the relevant information they are looking for in the website.

The web developer should know :

– Does this website appeal to my target audience?

– Do I know enough about myself as an enterprise with specific goals in mind?

– What makes us different from our competitors?

– What does my brand stand for and how can we show it off on the website?

The more research they do about the company, audience, industry, and competition, the better will be the website.

4. What is their tentative timeline for the web development project?

It’s an important decision for going for a website, whether an entirely new one or going for redesign- both require careful consideration. One thing we recommend is getting an estimate of how long it may take for both parties involved in this project – from initial meeting through completion – because unexpected delays can add up quickly without either party knowing about them ahead of time!

You should hire a website development company that can meet your deadline. We recommend you work with someone who has considerable experience in web design and development, as they will produce an excellent web design for you within the agreed time frame.

5. Do they offer custom or template-based websites or both?

Depending on your needs, most website development companies are capable of offering both custom and template-based web development services. Template websites are usually a very cost-effective option but they lack the flexibility to make changes which can be complicated or expensive in some cases; while custom-built sites allow for more control over how it looks as well as what content goes where because each one was created specifically with you (the client) in mind – this means cleaner code behinds too!

Both custom and theme-based options have their pros and cons. To know more details about them, you may have a look at our detailed blog on Custom vs Template Website.

6. Can they share references to past web development projects?

Before choosing an agency for any of your web development projects you must ask them to share examples of their past work and portfolio. You’ll be glad you did!

We have seen many people get uncertain responses from potential agencies. Without checking out what these individuals have on offer first in their portfolio, it usually leaves them with no information on which to base an informed decision about who would be best suited for the project at hand. If this sounds like something that’s happening to you then definitely do not hesitate: take ten minutes and shoot off some questions related to their portfolio, past work, and challenges they faced in their past projects.

We recommend asking the potential website development company about the last three projects that they have completed and what are the challenges they faced and how they overcome those challenges.

7. What will the involvement of the client be during the project?

Successful websites are not just built by agencies alone. The client needs to be involved too! Hiring an outside agency is helpful, but it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook–you still have tasks ahead and need to have regular updates about the progress of the project in each phase.

Do you want to be involved in the web development process? Do they have expectations for your involvement, or are their major decisions up to them and not yours. You might also need an idea of what kind of input would work best with the agency before getting started so that both sides can get satisfied with how things go down!

You need to have a detailed discussion on what are the expectations of the website development company from the client’s side. This is a vital part of the scope of project discussion and leads to major goof ups if not discussed well in advance before going ahead with the project.

8. Will you get access to do edits in the website post the website goes live?

Websites need to be constantly updated with the relevant and latest information from time to time, so you need to make sure and check out with the development agency about the tools they are using to update the website and how you can get access to those tools if you want any changes after the developer’s job is done with the project. It all depends on how much editing access one would like for themselves once their website has been completed and made live by the agency.

This is an important part of the discussion during the initial discussion with the agency as admin access is easier for clients in CMS platforms as it needs little to no technical knowledge to make basic editing in the website.

9. Will they be providing a mobile-first and responsive website?

The days of designing a website for one screen are over decades back. Technology and the expansion to mobile websites have pushed web designers to re-think how their work is displayed across various devices. Like think about it: How much do you browse every day on your phone vs desktop? In a world where everyone has access to the internet, it’s important not only to have a website that is built on a mobile-first approach but to have to be optimized to give a consistent user experience across all platforms including laptops, tablets, and desktops! Understanding how each firm approaches the responsive design process will be insightful as well as eye-opening to see what strategies they take into account during this process of designing websites.

10. What are the things the client needs to provide for the project?

Before working with a web development agency, the client needs to document all of their company branding assets so they can quickly pass them along to the agency. These include logo files and fonts in addition to colors or brand guidelines documents for designs on websites. In case, the client does not have all of these then the agency can provide these services at an additional cost. Usually, Web development agencies will create these website elements for clients, but they are reflected in their bills as additional services.

The client needs to discuss this essential part of the project with the potential web design agency as sometimes these things become a point of contention between the two.

11. How are they going to optimize the website for speed and search engines?

Search engine optimization is an integral part of building a successful business. Without it, you are only setting yourself up for failure from the start because site visitors won’t be able to find your website or get interested in what’s on it. With so many technical best practices related to SEO and page speed that should be implemented on the website, it’s important not only does the content of each page speak volumes but also how one optimizes them from top-to-bottom with an emphasis placed on both website stability as well as picking up visitors quickly by utilizing fast loading scripts and images while staying away from large files.  The website should be made speedy enough for customers to give them a seamless experience when they visit it (not too heavy on their CPUs). Be sure to ask each website development company what its specific approach will be for speed and search engine optimization.

12. Will they be providing hosting, SSL, and maintenance of the website, and at what cost?

Hosting, security, and maintenance are all important factors in the performance and success of your website. To avoid having to manage the process internally, many companies choose to have their website hosted by their web development partner. While this is frequently advised, your firm must understand the type of hosting environment provided by the agency as well as the security measures in place to prevent intrusions. In addition to hosting, the web development agency should provide security in the form of SSL services (Secure Sockets Layer), backups, and maintenance to ensure peak performance.

The client should specifically discuss with the potential web development agency at what cost the agency will provide hosting, SSL, and maintenance services and what it includes in the web development package. This is an important aspect that many clients miss when they ask the agency in detail.

13. What do they charge for a project of this scope and what are their payment T&C?

When hiring a web development agency, it’s important to do your research beforehand and figure out what you’re willing to spend. Don’t go with the cheapest price because they may give bad quality work for cheap prices and you may have to redesign with a decent agency later when you will notice how a poorly designed website is negatively impacting your brand. Spend an extra few bucks now instead; if done right there shouldn’t be any issues with the performance of the website and every decent agency gives you value for money websites that meet your needs and match your brand aspirations.

It is also critical to understand how you will be charged by the agency. Working with an agency that charges by the hour give you more leeway in terms of what you want the result to be, but it may result in going over budget. Working with an agency that charges a flat fee can help you stay on budget while also ensuring a quick turnaround. Because you can be more flexible with the scope of the project, charging by milestone is a better choice between hourly and fixed fees.

14. What are the deliverables included in their quotation?

To find the best agency for your project, you must understand the deliverables of the agency in the given quotations.  Sometimes, at first glance, prices may seem expensive but when broken down into each part and deliverables, it can be seen as more economical than going with an agency that charges per hour or provides no detailed deliverables in their quotation at all.

At the end of the day, the client should know everything about what they are getting at what prices so that there are not any surprises coming up during the development or final stage of the project- which is why one needs to have detailed explanations of the deliverables and quotations before signing anything!

15. What all services does the agency provide?

Websites are among the most vital marketing assets that a company can have. So it is critical to find a full-service digital agency for your website development that has expertise in the field of digital marketing because you will likely require services from content and copywriters, social media strategist, SEO experts, as well to promote your business in the digital world.

Websites provide one of many ways businesses reach their target audience nowadays- whether through social media channels like Instagram; blogging platforms such as WordPress; video hosting sites such YouTube–and therefore it is critical to work with a company that has most, if not all, of these capabilities in-house and can provide them as needed.


Finding the right web development agency for your business is not an easy task, but you will get the one that fits your goals if you are doing a bit of research, ask relevant questions to the potential agency, try to understand whether they can meet your web design requirements and knowing what you’re looking for from the agency.

At Pixel Street, we are always open to questions from our clients and try to give them a complete walkthrough of our web design process, all the important information, and always keep things transparent for our domestic as well as our international clients. If you are looking for a web design agency, please feel free to reach out to Pixel Street- A Web Design Company in Kolkata. We are your one-point solution for all your web design needs.

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