Pixel Street is a new-age web design agency based in Kolkata. We work closely with our clients to define, design and develop transformative user experiences across all brand touch-points. We share a common passion – to make the digital world more interactive, intuitive, and inspiring.

Our approach to design and development is rooted in a deep understanding of both technology and human psychology, enabling us to create digital experiences that are not aesthetically pleasing, highly engaging, and user-friendly.

Our Story

Pixel Street was founded in 2019 to fill a void created by web design companies in Kolkata. At that time, the market was dominated by theme-based WordPress developments, which lacked a personalized approach, neglected crucial elements like messaging and user experience, and followed a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

We noticed this gap and decided to do something about it. We wanted to build a web design agency that was different – one that truly cared about providing a unique and effective experience, focused on a brand’s guidelines, user experience, and effective messaging.

Our story began with a vision from our founder, Khurshid Alam, and a small team of four creatives that were united to bring a new approach to web design in Kolkata. Today, our team has grown but our ethos remains unchanged to craft visually appealing and intuitive designs with seamless functionality.

Our Services

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. We have worked on several projects from conglomerates to startups for brands like ITC, The Hindu Group, Coca-Cola, Kingfisher, etc.

We initially offered web design but are now a full-fledged creative agency offering an array of services:

Web Design:

We build visually appealing, user-friendly websites that enhance your brand’s digital footprint, improve user experience, and drive customer engagement.

Example: For DTC Group, a diverse conglomerate, we overhauled their website to better showcase their various real estate projects. Improved navigation and appealing imagery now offer users a superior browsing experience.


A powerful brand is much more than just a logo – it’s an entity that carries a distinct message, emotion, and promise.

Example: For Croftlife, a real estate firm desiring an identity embodying abundance, greenery, and exclusivity, we created a distinct, memorable brand that perfectly encapsulated their vision.

Creative Services:

We offer a wide range of creative services, from eye-catching graphics to engaging content, that align with your brand’s voice and enhance its visual narrative.

Example: We played a pivotal role in the design execution of Mangaldeep’s new 3in1 variant launch. Our team crafted compelling designs across different creative assets, including packaging, posters, print design, POSMs, mockups, and videos.


Digital Marketing:

With our comprehensive digital marketing strategies, encompassing SEO, social media marketing, and more, we amplify your brand’s online visibility, attract more traffic, and boost conversions.

Example: We partnered with Nemichand Bamalwa & Sons (J), a renowned jeweller in Kolkata and executed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassing Google Ads, SEO, social media campaigns, and GMB listing.

Our Process

One of the defining features of Pixel Street is our strategic, methodical approach to web design and development. We’ve crafted a six-step process that allows us to deliver high-quality, tailor-made solutions for our clients.

1️⃣ Ideation: We kick off with an in-depth discussion with clients to understand their business objectives and identify the key features their website needs.

2️⃣ Sitemap & Content: We devise a website architecture, sitemap, and content strategy, aligning each element with the client’s goals.

3️⃣ Designing: We transform the content and sitemap into wireframes, which are then honed into polished, high-fidelity designs.

4️⃣ Development: Our team codes the front end in HTML or React, and crafts the backend using CMS or other relevant technologies.

5️⃣ Testing: We optimize the website for different screen sizes, conduct rigorous testing, and resolve any bugs or issues.

6️⃣ Launch: We publish the website on secure hosting servers, install SSL, and link the domain to make the site live.

Every step in our process is marked by close collaboration with our clients, continuous communication, and a relentless pursuit of pixel-perfect websites.

Case Study: Designing the Shanghai Website

Shanghai, a popular chain of Chinese restaurants in Kolkata, approached Pixel Street for branding that included website design. Their vision was to have a design that is consistent with their restaurant’s inviting atmosphere while ensuring seamless functionality across all devices.

Shanghai Website Development


Shanghai needed a vibrant, engaging website design, and an accessible, device-friendly menu system for their customers.


We used a traditional Chinese-inspired red and black palette for the design to create a visually appealing website. To enhance accessibility, we designed an easy-to-navigate menu tab using Javascript, available across all devices and integrated the food ordering system with Shanghai’s mobile apps.


The design led to a reduction of 45% bounce rates compared to competitors, showcasing the effectiveness of our design and technological solutions.

Culture & Team

Our greatest strength lies in our team. We’ve always aspired to build an environment where creativity and innovation are the norm, not the exception. This stems from our firm belief in recruiting those with a strong passion for their craft and a desire to excel in everything they do.

We foster a culture of accountability and ownership, encouraging every member of our team to take responsibility for their work. This approach eschews the conventional constraints of micromanagement, giving our team the freedom to think, create, and innovate.

Our headquarters are located at the Martin Burn Business Park, a stunning, minimalist office space in Kolkata that mirrors our approach to design. Adorned in neutral tones and open white spaces, it creates an atmosphere conducive to focus, collaboration, and creativity. 

Our Learning and Growth: Turning Challenges into Stepping Stones

In our journey as a web design agency, we’ve navigated through various challenges, each shaping our growth and evolution.

Market Competition & Pricing

With numerous agencies and freelancers, the web design landscape is fiercely competitive. Our higher pricing, reflective of our custom designs and quality, sometimes hindered securing projects. However, we navigated this by highlighting the long-term value of quality design and continuously educating our clients on its benefits.

Evolving Target Audience

As we matured, we pivoted our target audience towards corporations and international brands, requiring adjustments in our marketing strategies and service offerings. We embraced this change successfully.

Talent Management

In the competitive landscape, finding and retaining quality talent was a challenge. We overcame this by fostering a positive work culture, offering competitive salaries, and emphasizing growth opportunities at Pixel Street.

Process & Automation

Incorporating automation and streamlining processes was complex but vital for efficiency. We achieved this by investing in project management tools and refining our workflows.

Client Management

Handling difficult clients is an inevitable part of our industry. We managed this through clear communication, setting realistic expectations, and maintaining transparency throughout the design process.

Each challenge was a stepping stone, pushing us to innovate and improve. We’ve learned that adaptability and a commitment to quality are key in turning obstacles into opportunities.

Rebranding The Brand

As we grew from a team of four into a fully-fledged web design agency, we realized our services and target audience had evolved. No longer were we simply catering to startups and SMEs on a tight budget; we found ourselves collaborating with corporate clients and international brands that understand the cost of good design.

With our expanded service offerings in branding, creative services, and digital marketing, it became apparent that we needed to refine our brand identity to better communicate our services. 

To achieve this, our rebranding process included several elements:

1️⃣ Brand Strategy: We revisited our mission, vision, and values to ensure they align with our evolved brand. This laid the groundwork for our rebranding journey.

2️⃣ Identity: We redesigned our logo to create a more modern, distinctive identity that resonates with our target audience.

3️⃣ Stationery: Every piece of communication is an opportunity to reinforce our brand. Our newly designed stationery, including business cards, letterheads, and envelopes, reflects our new identity.

4️⃣ Website: As a web design agency, our website is our biggest asset. We overhauled it to reflect our new branding and showcase our expanded service offerings.

5️⃣ Company Profile: We updated our company profile to provide an accurate, comprehensive overview of our capabilities and the value we bring to our clients.

6️⃣ Agency Showreel: To showcase our body of work and our design philosophy, we put together a compelling agency showreel.

7️⃣ Marketing Collaterals: From brochures to digital banners, we redesigned all our marketing collaterals to ensure consistent communication of our brand.

Our rebranding wasn’t just a facelift – it was a holistic process aimed at redefining who we are, how we’re perceived, and how we communicate our value to our clients. 

Future of Pixel Street: Charting New Horizons

We believe in staying ahead of the curve, anticipating changes, and positioning ourselves to leverage future trends. 

Here’s a glimpse into the roadmap ahead.

➡️ Automation & AI Adoption: As a forward-thinking web design agency, we are planning to invest heavily in automation and Generative AI technology. Our goal is to make our workflows more efficient, freeing up our creative teams to focus on strategic and innovative tasks. 

➡️ Building an A+ Team: We firmly believe that the quality of our output is directly tied to the quality of our team. We plan to focus on recruiting and retaining A+ talent, emphasizing skills, innovation, and a strong cultural fit.

➡️ Gen AI Design Platform for B2B: In line with our AI-driven approach, we aim to develop a Generative AI design platform specifically for B2B clients. This platform would facilitate fast, efficient, and customizable design solutions.

The journey ahead is thrilling and filled with innovation, growth, and transformation. Pixel Street is not just about being part of the future; it’s about shaping it. 

Stepping into the Future of Web Design

Our journey from a small team with a shared vision to a leading web design agency in Kolkata has been marked by innovation, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As we look to the future, we’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. From automation to AI adoption, and from restructuring our organization to building an A+ team, we’re committed to remaining at the cutting edge of web design. 

We look forward to helping more businesses make their mark in the digital landscape, one exceptional design at a time.

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Khurshid Alam

Khurshid Alam is the founder of Pixel Street, a web design company. He aspires to solve business problems by communicating effectively digitally. In his leisure, he reads, writes, and occasionally plays a game of table tennis.

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