Branding is crucial for companies to carve out their own space in the market. The key here is to create differentiating experiences that customers can connect with. The value added by and the application of marketing techniques to a unique product, service, or even a point of view helps companies create these experiences and manage them over time.

Brands like TATA and Reliance have been very successful in India by virtue of their aggressive marketing and branding initiatives. In fact, many global brands are now looking to set up shop in India precisely because of the vast potential that exists here.

Thus it is vital for growing companies to focus on branding and marketing in order to stay ahead of the competition. But with so many branding and marketing companies out there, how does one choose the right one?

Features of a good branding company:

There are many aspects of branding like identity, strategy, and communications, among others. But to create a strong brand identity, you need to focus on 3 key elements –

  • Relevance: Is your brand relevant to your target audience? Do they see you as a trusted resource for the products or services you offer?
  • Authenticity: Does your brand stay true to its promise? Are you consistent in your messaging and delivery?
  • Differentiation: What makes your brand unique? What can you possibly offer up that nobody else can?

There are many branding companies in Kolkata that offer different services. Some focus on creating brand strategies, while others focus on designing and implementing creative campaigns.

However, every good branding company must have the following qualities:

  • They must be able to understand your business goals and objectives:

The first step in creating a strong brand is to understand what your company wants to achieve. Without this understanding, it would be difficult to create a branding strategy that works.

  • They must have a team of experienced professionals who are creative and innovative:

A good branding company should have a team of experienced professionals who can think out of the box and come up with creative ideas that will help your brand stand out from the rest.

  • They must be able to provide a comprehensive range of services:

A good branding company should offer a comprehensive range of services, from brand strategy and development to creative design, advertising, and digital marketing.

  • They should use the latest technology and tools to create or improve your brand identity:

A good branding company should use the latest technology and tools to create or improve your brand identity. This will ensure that your brand looks modern and stays relevant in the ever-changing world of marketing and advertising.

  • They should be able to develop a unique brand strategy that will help you achieve your business goals:

A good branding company should be able to develop a unique brand strategy that will help you achieve your business goals. This includes understanding your target audience, your competition, and the overall market landscape.

Top 10 Branding Agencies in Kolkata:

Branding agencies in Kolkata help businesses form a brand identity, which is the overall look, feel, and message of a company. They do this by conducting research, developing marketing strategies, and creating visual branding materials like logos, website design, and print collateral.

Branding agencies usually have a team of designers, writers, and strategists that work together to create a comprehensive branding strategy. Here is our list of the top 10 Branding agencies in Kolkata:

1. Pixel Street

pixel street branding company in Kolkata

As far as efficiency, quality of work, and results go, Pixel Street is the crème de la crème of branding agencies in Kolkata. Yes, they have a wealth of experience with various kinds of projects but they are also a young team that is always willing to improve themselves and try new technologies and strategies. Pixel Street has worked on all manner of clientele and they have established a reputation in the industry for quality work and timely completion.

One of the reasons they have been so successful is that they focus on specific set of services and they complete it utmost expertise. They focus on branding, UI/UX design, web development, eCommerce development, and SEO services. Although each of their services are headed by a good team, it is their branding that takes the edge. They have worked with some prominent companies like ITC, The Hindu, and Nutricious.

  • ITC: It needs no introduction as it is one India’s foremost private sector conglomerates operating across numerous states and various sectors of business.
  • The Hindu: The fortnightly English language magazine from The Hindu group of publications, “Frontline” has regularly hired Pixel Street to design email templates and pop-ups among other work.
  • Nutricious: Nutricious is a D2C brand selling natural vegan nut butter online. Pixel Street designed a custom e-commerce website for the client that educates the benefits of vegan butter with graphical content. The client’s primary concerns were to develop a website that can enable him to increase conversions. The branding team then orchestrated the design of a website by identifying elements that would resonate with the brand to illustrate ‘healthy and vegan’ ideas and mapped out a three-step checkout process for them to take on the website to eventually purchase a product to increase conversions. The result was a 35% increase in sales from the website.

Their approach to branding has always been more of a relationship rather than a service, which is exactly the nature of their interactions with clients, which is why they have such client high retention over a considerable period of time.

Contact Info:

Address: Martin Burn Business Park, Salt Lake, Sector – V, Kolkata – 700091

Contact Number: +91 90072 95096



2. Zero Budget Agency 

zero budzet agency

In a world where everyone is trying to do more with less, it’s refreshing to know that there are companies out there who are willing to invest in their brand. Zero Budget Agency is one of those companies. Despite their name, they have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping their clients succeed.

Their approach to branding is simple: they start with a blank slate and build from there. This allows them to really get to know their clients and understand their needs. From there, they develop a custom branding and advertising strategy that is designed to help their clients achieve their goals.

Their notable clients include Sureka Sunrise, SVF, and STORY, a Primarc initiative. Interestingly, they have also worked with activists to design a branding strategy for a public campaign against women trafficking.

Contact Info: 

Address: 103, Tivoli Court Complex, Circular Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

Phone: +91 9830958002



3. Design Brewing Co.

design brewing agency

Design Brewing Co. is a boutique branding and design agency based in Kolkata, India. They specialize in brand strategy, identity design, packaging design, and web design. Their mission is to help their clients reach their full potential by creating powerful brands that connect with their customers on a deep level.

Their prominent clients include Primarc, Aqua Java, and McNROE, among others. Their particulars have included everything from packaging, advertising, logo design, and even social media posting.

Contact Info: 

Address: 25A, Panditiya Rd, Dover Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Phone: 033 46042373



4. Meraqi

meraqi website

Meraqi is a Kolkata based branding agency that specializes in identity design, web design, and packaging design. They believe in the power of simple, elegant design to communicate complex ideas and connect with customers on a deep level.

Their clients include brands like Emami, P.C Chandra Jewellers, WOW Momo, and even Sreeleathers. Their clients stretch across various sectors, from corporates and D2C brands to even Healthcare and fashion brands.

Their approach to branding has always been that ideas should always be able to work everywhere. Towards this, they combine deep digital, experiential, and advertising expertise to create a culture of award-winning creativity towards their work.

Contact Info:

Address: Haute Street Corporate Park, Wing A – 1st Floor, 86A, Topsia Rd, Kolkata,- 700046

Phone number: +91 93305417930



5. Three Fourth Solutions

Three Fourth Solutions

Three Fourth Solutions is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that caters to all manner of clientele. They work with clients across industries, from retail and hospitality to education and healthcare.

They strongly believe in the power of design to create positive change and build brands that are loved by their customers. Their team of passionate designers works tirelessly to create beautiful and effective solutions that are rooted in strategy and deliver results. Their most notable clients include Carpe Diem, Uber, and Kwality Wall’s, among others and services include designing brand and corporate identities, branding business and professional websites, and outbound and inbound marketing.

Contact Info:

Address: 10C Middleton Row, 7th floor, Post Office building, KOLKATA – 700071

Phone number: +91 9007345252



6. Marko & Brando

Marko & Brando

Marko & Brando is a creative branding agency based in Kolkata, India. Their team of seasoned professionals has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including JK Chandra Jewellers, Aurum Fashion, and NOVOTEL.

They offer a wide range of services including brand strategy, identity design, product packaging, and outdoor branding. Their work is driven by insights and a passion for creativity. The emphasis has always been on creating aesthetically superior designs that help communication be more effective. From strategy through execution, they help organizations, both large and small, uncover their secret sauce and tell that particular story in a consistent and compelling way.

Contact Info:

Address:DL-209, Salt Lake, Sector 2, Kolkata-700091, West Bengal.

Phone Number: +91 9830153821



7. HIH7 Webtech

HIH7 Webtech agency

HIH7 Webtech is a Kolkata based Digital solution provider that has a creative team of designers, developers, and marketers. They excel in custom website design & development and have successfully completed projects for clients from various industries. Their branding services extend to brand identity design and strategy in all forms of branding including personal, product, co-branding, and cultural branding.

Their notable clients include Star Identity, Godai, and Pedra Bonita. Their clients span various industries including businesses, bars and restaurants, health and fitness, and even real estate.

Contact Info:

Address: Plot No. 146, 19/7, Sahapur Colony, BankimMukherjee Sarani, Block-J, Kolkata, 700053

Phone Number: +91 099038 66366



8. The Arham

The Arham agency

The Arham Branding Agency is a branding and design company based in Kolkata. Their services include corporate identity design, rebranding, packaging, brochure, and marketing collaterals. They have worked with clients from various industries like education, food and beverage, and healthcare. Their most notable clients include Mr Sales, Xtasy, and Lets Express.

Their approach to clients has always been strategic and they try to understand the client’s business model, target audience, and objectives before starting work on a project. This helps them deliver creative solutions that are not only on brand but are also effective. Be it uplifting an existing brand or creating space for a new one, standing out in traditional advertising or conquering the digital space, The Arham is down for the task in an enthusiastic manner because that is just their work culture, to be enthusiastic and passionate about your work.

Contact Info:

Address: 40/1 Tollygunge Circular Road, 3rd Floor, Kolkata 700053

Phone Number: +91 9831936630



9. Verb Stories

Verb Stories agency

Verb stories is a Kolkata based design studio that works with brands to tell their story and engage with their customers in a more meaningful way. The team strives to understand the brand’s DNA and then craft an appropriate strategy for them which helps the brand connect with its audience on an emotional level.

They have worked with big names like MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India), TATA STEEL, and Jamshedpur F.C

Verb stories comprises stubbornly creative, strategy-obsessed, humanity-impelled group of digital natives who are obsessed with telling beautiful stories. They are known for building memorable campaigns that comprise creating strategy, design and production across all platforms by specializing in brand identities, campaigns, social strategy and content creation, commercials, websites, and corporate presentations.

Contact Info

Address: 7th Floor, Signotron Tower, Plot J1/6, EP Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091, India

Contact Number: +91 9836769474



10. X-Factor Branding PR Events

X-Factor Branding PR Events

X-Factor Branding PR Events is a creative boutique agency that specializes in turnkey solutions for all your branding requirements. Be it product launches, corporate events, press conferences, exhibition management or any other type of event, they have the experience and expertise to make sure that your event is a grand success.

They have an interesting mix of experienced and young talent that gives us the necessary diversity to craft communication and design for a hybrid media landscape. Their clients span across a range of industries like Fashion and lifestyle all the way to health, exhibitions, and sports including notable names like Refinery 091, Fashion Street, and Forever Mark.

Contact Info

Address: 103/C, Block-F, New Alipore, Kolkata- 700053

Contact Number: +91 8017042218




There are a whole lot of options available to you when it comes to choosing a branding company in Kolkata. However, it is important to do your homework and understand what each company has to offer before making a decision. The above list includes some of the best branding companies in Kolkata that you can consider working with.

The companies that have been mentioned in this article are just some of the top ones operating in the city. The important task for you to do is to do your research, ask around, and then decide on the one that you think would be the best fit for your company. Good luck!

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