In today’s world,  social media is an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy. It allows businesses to connect with their target audience, build relationships, and increase brand awareness. To bring things into perspective, as of 2022, 4.70 billion people around the world (59% of the world’s population) use social media, of which 227 million users have come online in the past 12 months.

An average user engages with an average of 6.6 social media platforms. Knowing this, it becomes quite the task  to identify which social media platform will work best for your business. In this article, we are going to explore the various tools  that can help you not only identify which social media platform is best for your business, but also how to create and gradually proceed to implement an effective and evolving social media marketing strategy.

What are the different types of tools that are used on social media platforms?

Popular tools like Canva and InVision have been used for a number of years to create innovative and engaging posts for various social media platforms, especially Instagram. Now, there are a host of tools for various purposes, like collages, background removal, video editing, etc, that are used to prepare content for many platforms, particularly the major social media hubs. We can categorize them according to purpose as:

  • Curating content
  • Scheduling and managing content
  • Creating content
  • Hashtag research
  • Social listening
  • Influencer management
  • Automation

Some of these tools perform more than one function from this tool, which is what makes them so multifaceted. Nevertheless, they have their open specializations. Let us discuss our list of 14 social media tools that will help build your brand.

14 Social Media Tools To Help Build Your Brand:

Our Pick: Pocket

pocket website

The great thing about Pocket is that its functionality literally embodies its name. Instead of  having a bunch of tabs open in your browser, only to lose track of them, you can “pocket” images, articles and videos to read or watch later. It’s great for when you find something interesting but don’t have the time to check it out right then and there. Plus, you can access your content from any device, even if you’re  offline.


  • The content is available offline
  • It is easy to sync with apps such as Evernote, allowing for convenient syncing and easy team access.
  • You can save content from any device
  • Available as a browser extension
  • Built-in search function makes it easy to find the content you need.


The app can be a bit glitchy at times.


  • Normally free to use
  • Pocket Premium is $4.99 per month.


flipboard website

Flipboard allows you to  curate your own content from your favorite news stories, blog posts, and websites,  and then read it in an attractive, magazine-style format. It’s available on iOS, Android, and as a website. On creation, you can open up these to the public so that people can follow your content and then follow them on social media platforms.  


  • Integrates well with social media accounts.
  • You can share articles easily and also derive inspiration from other people.
  • Creating an account is simple and straightforward.
  • Makes relevant content much more visually appealing and easy to digest.


  • You can only view articles that have been shared with you or that you have found through the search engine. 
  • There is no way to save articles for offline reading.


Flipboard is free to use.


curate website

Curata’s USP is that it allows you to discover and recommend relevant content suitable for respective audiences with any wasted effort. It crowdsources content from various platforms like blogs, websites, and social media, allowing you to personalize content before you share it.


  • You can use the in-built publishing, promotion tools, and marketing integrations to repurpose curated content across blogs, social media accounts, and other marketing platforms.
  • You can use relevant royalty-free stock images
  • browser plugin is available to add content to curated lists
  • Fine-tune, search and categorize content using the relevant keywords, news sources, industry names or authors, and shared content.


  • The user interface could be more user-friendly.
  • Some users have been complaining about the effectual lack of customer support.
  • A little pricey (mainly for enterprises)


Contact Curata for further pricing details.

Developing content

Our Pick: Piktochart

piktochart website

Piktochart is an online tool that helps you create beautiful infographics and visuals for your content. With Piktochart, you don’t need to be a design expert to create stunning visuals. The platform offers a wide range of templates and tools that make it easy to create professional-looking visuals, even if you’ve never designed anything before.


  • Offers more than 600 templates and 4,000 icons and images. Many are designed just for social media.
  • Piktochart offers a wide range of templates that you can use to create visuals for your content. There are templates for infographics, presentations, reports, and more.
  • Piktochart offers a wide range of tools that you can use to create your visuals. These include a drag-and-drop editor, a library of icons and illustrations, and a wide range of charts and graphs.
  • Once you’ve created your visual, you can easily share it with others or export it to a variety of formats. You can also embed your visual on your website or blog.


  • Some users have reported that the free version of Piktochart is quite limited.
  • Piktochart can be quite expensive if you need to use more than the basic features.


  • Free
  • $15 per month
  • $29 per month (Annual subscriptions are 17 percent cheaper.)


animoto website

Animoto allows you to easily create high-quality videos for social media. It helps you  turn your photos and videos into professional-looking video slideshows. You can also add music to your videos to make them more engaging. It offers a free limited plan; however, the premium plan is quite affordable with 3k plus licensed music tracks.


  • Drag and drop interface with a wide variety of editing tools and features.
  • Great for creating short videos
  • Great selection of templates and soundtracks available with the premium plan.


  • The free plan is quite limited
  • There can be a bit of a learning curve to get the most out of the tool


  • $16 per month
  • $42 per month
  • $64 per month 

Planning and scheduling

Our Pick: Agorapulse

agorapulse website

Agorapulse is a great CRM tool for managing all your social media accounts in one place. It’s simple to use and has a wide range of features, making it perfect for teams and agencies of all sizes. With Agorapulse, you can schedule and publish content, track who’s talking about your brand, measure your results, and collaborate with your social networks. You can also upload images and videos, and schedule your posts for later. To track your results, Agorapulse includes a handy  dashboard that shows you how many people have seen your posts, how many have engaged with them, and more. You can also see detailed reports for each social account.


  • You can pre-schedule content to be delivered at the best times to reach your target audience and reschedule evergreen posts, with just a few tweaks to cater to a specific platform.
  • Social inboxes are also included in Agorapulse, so you can see all your mentions and messages in one place. This makes it easy to keep track of conversations and respond quickly. 
  • You can assign messages to your clients along with a customized note or comment for them to handle directly.


  • Agorapulse reporting feature is quite underdeveloped.
  • The user interface is not instinctive
  • Features are limited, especially compared to other social media sharing tools.


  • Free
  • Pro: $79/mo
  • Premium: $199 dollar
  • Enterprises: Customized price


buffer website

Buffer allows you to build up  a queue of content to be shared across your social media channels. You can also share content directly to Buffer from over 2,000 apps through its integration feature.


  • Buffer is very user-friendly and the interface is quite intuitive.
  • You can connect an impressive number of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+) to Buffer.
  • The app offers great features such as scheduling, reporting, URL shortening, and more.
  • Available as a mobile app or as a browser extension, which makes it easier to add webpage, links, and titles to your buffer schedule.


  • The free version of Buffer is quite limited in terms of the number of social media accounts you can connect and the number of posts you can schedule.
  • The app doesn’t really offer many customization options.

Hashtag research

Our Pick: Hashtagify

hashtagify website

Hashtagify is a great tool for doing hashtag research. It helps you discover the most trending hashtags and other relevant hashtags. With its basic mode, you can monitor the popularity and correlation from the main hashtag. The advanced mode allows you to dig deeper into related hashtags, or check out the Table mode showing popularity, weekly trends, or even correlations.


The ability to quickly see what is happening with a hashtag, find related content, and identify influencers makes this a valuable tool for marketing on social media.


  • The interface can be overwhelming, and it does not provide as much detail as some of the other options on this list.
  • Easy to read dashboards and charts to monitor aggregated analytics and build custom reports.


ritetag website

RiteTag is  a hashtag research and management platform that provides users with insights into how their hashtags are performing. It also offers suggestions for similar or related hashtags, and lets users see how popular a hashtag is in real-time. It sends hashtag alerts if there are popular hashtags trending emerging about your chosen topic in the form of email alerts. You can also group together your hashtags and monitor metrics including reach, impressions, retweets, and exposure.


  • Easy integration with browser extensions
  • Instant feedback option
  • The platform offers a wide range of features and options for hashtag research and management.


  • The interface can be confusing and overwhelming for some users.
  • Some features are only available to paying customers.


  • Momo Free
  • Free dinner outside: Essentials: $5/channel
  • For teams: Enterprises: 10%/month/channel


Our Pick: Socialbakers

emplifi website

Socialbakers is a popular platform that helps you measure your online influence. It takes into account your social media activity and assigns you a score based on your engagement levels, reach, and other factors. You can use this platform to research popular hashtags and see how they’re being used by influencers in your industry .


  • Aids in measuring online influence and social media activity
  • Gives you a score based on your engagement levels, reach, and other factors
  • Helps research popular hashtags and understand how they’re being used by influencers in your industry


  • The algorithm for scoring is not perfect. At best,  it’s an approximation
  • The score does not guarantee online success or reflect real-world influence
  • Socialbakers scores can be gamed by artificially inflating engagement metrics


Socialbakers has a free plan that gives you access to your Klout score and some basic insights. If you want more detailed analysis, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan starting at $99/month.

Sprout Social

sproursocial website

Sprout Social is a platform that provides users with tools to help them better manage their social media accounts. It’s great for businesses and organizations who want to optimize their social media presence and get the most out of their online interactions.

Sprout has a lot of features, but some of the most popular ones include:

  • Publishing: Sprout helps users schedule and publish content across all of their social media channels.
  • Analytics: Sprout provides detailed analytics so users can see how their social media campaigns are performing.
  • Engagement: Sprout’s engagement tools users reply to comments and messages, track mentions, and monitor social media activity.

The platform enables you to track customer feedback, social media ROI, and measure audience sentiment.


  • Sprout is very user-friendly and has a lot of features.
  • The analytics are detailed and help users track their social media performance.
  • The engagement tools are helpful for businesses and organizations who want to interact with their online audience.


  • Some users have reported that the customer support is not very responsive.
  • There is a monthly fee for using Sprout, which may be a deterrent for some users.

Social media listening and analytics

Our Pick: Brandwatch

brandwatch website

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring and analytics platform that enables users to track their brand’s performance and analyze social media data. It mainly caters to medium-to-enterprise-size companies.

You have a global audience that you can track and engage with while still filtering extensively, and accessing and viewing data by source, keyword, influencers, demographics, and content type. In addition, you can also set up automated reports of trending topics and mentions. This allows you to react preemptively to negative publicity.


  • Flexible. It allows you to track anything from brand names, topics, and keywords to phrases, refining your queries with advanced parameters.
  • Offers sentiment analysis in multiple languages, while grading them to help you prioritize engagement.
  • Allow you to identify and interact with influencers and thus create strategies for collaboration and brand growth.


  • No multi-channel posts.
  • It presents a confusing array of products and services from three different companies.


Mention starts at $29/month and goes up to $499/month for the Enterprise plan.


  • Essentials $108/month
  • Full Suite Custom Pricing.
  • 14-day free trial


talkwalker website

Talkwalkers is more inclined toward enterprises. The platform is designed to bring together brands to share insights and data from within their respective companies and outside social media platforms, thereby driving business. 


  • One-stop platform
  • A comprehensive learning experience utilizing  AI.
  • Image recognition technology to help you pick up social media posts of your brand or product even when not actually actively mentioned.


  • There is no limit to the amount of people you can follow
  • The platform can be overwhelming for beginners


Plans available are Starter, Business, Premium, and Strategic. Prices are provided once you select the plan upon registration.


hootsuite website

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that gives users the ability to track all their social media accounts in one place. The platform also provides users with analytical tools to help them measure their performance and progress. With it, you can start managing your accounts, scheduling posts, and stay up to speed with your content’s performance and brand mentions and monitor the activities of your competitors via Hootsuite streams.


  • Highly customizable social feeds that make it easy to take part in social conversations. This helps with  building relationships with customers and followers.
  • The platform offers a wide range of analytical tools that can help users measure their performance and progress.
  • The ability to schedule posts in advance. This is great for content planning and ensuring a consistent social media presence.
  • The inbox  feature allows you to see all your social media messages in one place. This is handy for keeping on top of customer service enquiries and other important messages.


  • The interface can be overwhelming for beginners. The features and options take some getting used to.
  • The platform is geared more towards businesses and professionals, so it might not be the best choice for personal use.


  • Professional $49/month
  • Team $129/month
  • Business $739/month
  • Custom pricing for Enterprise Plan.
  • 30-day free trial

Influencer management

Our pick: Influencity:

influencity website

Influencity is a comprehensive influencer management software that enables you to find, analyze, and organize influencers. It allows brands to set up workflows, manage campaigns, and measure results. Its key features include:

  • A wide range of analytical tools that help track influencer campaigns’ progress and ROI—influencer’s engagement rate, top posts, average likes, and top hashtags used.
  • A self-service platform that makes it easy to create your own process of finding, connecting with, and engaging with the most relevant influencers by bringing together a comprehensive list of prospective ambassadors, and you can filter them by language, location, audience size, or niche.
  • The ability to run multiple campaigns all at once.
  • The ability to source and connect with local influencers


  • Full control of your relationship with influencers with no intermediaries
  • One of the biggest influencer databases in the market
  • Great customer service for both clients and influencers
  • Create and share influencer assignments (project management)


  • Communication with influencers has to be done out of the platform for the moment


Starts at $48/month.

A 7-day free trial is available.


upfluence website

Built on a massive database of 3 million influencers, Upfluence allows you to collaborate with creators, create high-quality content, and influence relationships. Its key features include

Integrating with Google and Outlook to contact influencers and collaborate them on campaign briefs and drafts.

Finding influencers, keep track of campaign progress, and manage influencer payments in over 100 countries.

On a single dashboard, you can keep a track of all influencers and filter them by location, campaign, and ratings. 


  • You can monitor your competitors along with their activities and mentions.
  • Social listening function allows you to hear the conversation, understand what people are saying, and identify potential influencers.
  • The ability to apply a weight to certain keywords when filtering results.
  • On a single dashboard, you can keep a track of all your various influencers and filter them by campaign, location as well as ratings. 


  • The user interface is a little bit difficult to use     


Three different pricing plans are available; however, the exact prices are only available upon contacting them.                                                                        


creatoriq website

Clearly built for big enterprises, CreatorIQ utilizes an AI-powered algorithm to analyze even the remotest parts of any content across over 1 billion public social media accounts, including the image, mentions, and location, to make detailed inferences. It utilizes an “Integrity Quotient” as a unit of measurement to display how authentic a content is.


  • Building a private community of influencers.
  • Making accurate and detained predicts about content based on extensive analyses
  • Gives users the ability to communicate, annotate, and otherwise share information.
  • A streamlined automated payments system increases the efficiency for both creators and finance teams.


  • The search function is not as robust as some other platforms, making it difficult to find old content or specific influencers.
  • The platform can be expensive for companies who are not using it to its full potential.


Customized pricing depending on the scale of the business.


Our Pick: CoSchedule

coschedule website

CoSchedule is targeted toward marketing agencies and solo entrepreneurs. This is because it provides a comprehensive management of your content across all your marketing channels and allows you a bird’s eye view of all your published and scheduled content in one place for you to track your progress and analyze your marketing material. For CoSchedule, the focus is on content and social performance, as evidenced by the “Top Content Report” that gives users insights into the social engagement of the campaigns that you send out on social media.


  • Tweaking calendar to match preferences
  • You can create a read-only calendar for your whole team to view all the content in one place.
  • You can also requeue, allowing users to reschedule their best content.
  • Additionally, you can automate content approval workflows and social media drip campaigns.


  • If you change your mind about scheduling posts, you have to change templates manually.
  • Massive amount of data users are entering has caused system to become sluggish.


  • The basic version of the marketing calendar is free.
  • The more advanced Pro version starts at $29/month
  • Marketing Suite requires a custom quote.


brand24 website

Brand24 is a social media platform that provides real-time data about online mentions of your brand. You can use Brand24 to track your brand’s reputation, measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and find opportunities for customer engagement.

It is the ideal automated social media monitoring tool, enabling  you to track online conversations about your brand and react quickly to any negative sentiment. Brand24 provides you with instant access to:

  • Mentions of your brand across all social media platforms
  • Real-time data and alerts
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Influencer identification


  • Brand24 provides detailed insights into online conversations about your brand.
  • You can use it to track competitors and industry trends.
  • The platform offers a free trial period.


  • Brand24 is not as user-friendly as some other social media monitoring platforms.
  • The platform doesn’t offer a built-in CRM system.


  • There are several pricing tiers starting at $49/month.
  • Free trial available for 14 days.


We have established how social media platforms have changed  over the years. It is now more important than ever to be present on social media. If you are not using social media for your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your customers and create a community around your brand.

There are many different social media platforms to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The tools were mentioned because  they are the most popular social media platforms today. It’s important to remember that what works for one business might not work for another, so it’s important to experiment with different platforms and see what works best for you and your business.

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