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Legacy Matchboxes - Reviving Heritage
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Project Preview

ITC, a renowned Indian conglomerate, partnered with Pixel Street for a special campaign, "ITC - Legacy Matchboxes," to celebrate the 75th Independence Day of India. The campaign aimed to showcase the heritage of ITC's collection of 75 legacy matchboxes.

Pixel Street meticulously recreated the artwork for the matchbox packaging based on old pictures, ensuring accurate representation while meeting modern print standards.

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The main challenges faced during the project were:

1. Recreating the original artwork for the matchbox packaging from old pictures

2. Ensuring the recreated designs captured the essence of the original matchboxes

3. Delivering high-quality designs that met modern print standards


Pixel Street tackled these challenges by:

1. Carefully studying the old pictures and understanding the design elements of the original matchboxes

2. Meticulously recreating the artwork, focusing on details and accuracy

3. Ensuring the recreated designs met modern print standards while maintaining the essence of the original matchboxes

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ITC result mobile banner


The ITC - Legacy Matchboxes campaign was a resounding success, generating buzz and appreciation for the brand. Key results included:

1. Accurate and high-quality recreation of the artwork for 75 legacy matchboxes

2. A successful launch on the 75th Independence Day of India, garnering significant attention

3. Appreciation and recognition for the brand's dedication to preserving its heritage


The ITC - Legacy Matchboxes campaign demonstrated the importance of preserving heritage while adapting to modern design standards. Pixel Street's commitment to accurate artwork recreation and high-quality design execution played a vital role in the campaign's success.

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