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Nutricious Case Study main banner
Nutricious Case Study main banner

Project Preview

Nutricious is a D2C brand selling natural vegan nut butter online. The product range included nut butter for three nuts with different flavours. The competition is severe in the vegan nut butter space and so it is important to stand out.

The client wanted to expand their reach and increase sales of the website with a new e-commerce store for their vegan products. The client's main concerns were to develop a website that can increase conversions.

Nutricious Case Study mid banner
Nutricious Case Study mid mobile banner


They wanted to convey the Nutricious brand ethos of being 'healthy and vegan'. We needed to illustrate the health benefits and importance of being vegan along with developing a minimalist website.

The client wanted a website that engages visitors from the start and swiftly led them to checkout. Also, another challenge was designing a single product style website but with multiple products.


We conducted research sessions with customers, analysed competitors and internal interviews to determine buyer personas. This helped us identify elements that would resonate with the brand and designed a website to illustrate 'healthy and vegan' ideas.

We then mapped out a three-step checkout process for them to take on the website to eventually purchase a product to increase conversions.

Nutricious Case Study Second last-ban banner
Nutricious Case Study Second last-ban banner


T The result was a beautiful, content-rich website that tells the Nutricious story and showcases their products in an aesthetically-pleasing way. The website has an easy checkout process to increase conversions.

The client witnessed a 35% increase in sales from the website.

nutricious Case Study last banner
nutricious Case Study last mobile banner
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