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"Shanghai - Flavours of Chinatown"

Shanghai • Restaurant

Shanghai Case Study main banner
Shanghai Case Study main banner

Project Preview

Shanghai is a chain of restaurants based in Kolkata offering pan Asian fusion food. The brand wanted consistent brand- centric touch points across - website, menu, packaging, signage, brochures, franchise deck, and operations manual.

Shanghai Case Study mid banner
Shanghai Case Study mid mobile banner


The primary challenges faced during the project were:

1. Non-Alterable Logo: The existing logo had to be retained, requiring creative solutions to incorporate it into the revamped brand identity.

2. Tight Timeline: Rapid completion and distribution of marketing collaterals needed for the launch of three new outlets.

3. Industry Specificity: Developing a franchise deck and operations manual required a deep understanding of restaurant operations to effectively communicate vital information and statistics visually.


We understood the urgency of the project and tackled the execution by:

1. On-Site Experience: Team members visited existing Shanghai outlet to immerse themselves in the current brand ambience, studying elements like menus, signage, brochures, and standees.

2. Collaboration with Expert: Partnered with a restaurant consultant for insights into the food and beverage industry.

3. Structured Approach: Adopted a step-by-step delivery system for print collaterals, prioritising based on the requirements of upcoming store opening and printing timelines.

Shanghai Case Study Second last-ban banner
Shanghai Case Study Second last-ban banner


Our structured design approach resulted in:

1. Consistent Branding: Successfully achieved a unique yet consistent brand identity, integrating the unchanged logo.

2. Broad Implementation: Implemented the new print collaterals across Shanghai restaurants in Kolkata.

3. Business Impact: The brand revamp led to increased revenue and brand recall, positioning Shanghai as one of the top choice.

Shanghai Case Study last banner
Shanghai Case Study last banner
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