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APT Case Study main banner
APT Case Study main banner

Project Preview

Applied Professional Training is an air hostess training institute in Kolkata offering courses for air hostess, airport staff and hotel management. The industry specifically caters to young students who have just graduated from school or college.

They wanted to revamp their website to appeal to their target audience and capture their attention. The UI should also demonstrate credibility and attract students from different backgrounds.

The clients were looking for a refreshed, new look website with a fresh colour scheme and modern UI interface.

APT Case Study mid banner
APT Case Study mid banner


The biggest challenge was the user interface design. The site has to be designed in such a way that all types of students can access it easily and feel comfortable using it.

Additionally, it did not make good use of colours and there were few graphical elements to illustrate the content. The site had to appeal to all kinds of students.


The creative team decided against using bright colours and opted for a simple palette instead. A soothing blue-green colour combination was chosen since both these colours are associated with positivity and optimism.

We developed a mobile-first design with a responsive interface to cater to the students.

APT Case Study second last-ban banner
APT Case Study second last-ban banner


The new design is simple yet striking, which has allowed it to be interactive and stand out. The modern design, along with the user-friendly interface, helps students to easily browse through our website for information.

APT Case Study last banner
APT Case Study last banner
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