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Universities and Agents

One-Stop Solution for Universities and Agents

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Crizac Case Study main banner
Crizac Case Study main banner

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Crizac Technologies offers a one-stop admission solution for Universities and agents. The platform helps in connecting with students across the world and make the admission process effortless.

The existing website UI did not feel relevant as per the industry expectations. The design was outdated and was hard to navigate resulting in a poor user experience.

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Crizac Case Study mid mobile banner


During our discovery session, we understood that they wanted to bring a fresh look with improved navigation and content structure.

However, the information available was not clear as there were no detailed specifications. The client did not specify design preferences and content. This resulted in a lot of ambiguity and no clear direction.

We had to meet the following goals:

1. Rebranding the company

2. Revamping the website to focus on UI/UX

3. Making it responsive across various devices

4. Updating content with the newest information from the company


We defined the website structure by developing sitemaps and wireframes. This helped us to understand the client's needs.

We then designed the site extensively, addressing all content and functionality at once. We used Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP for rapid prototyping and iterative development.

We developed the site in seven weeks. The client was able to view our progress daily. This helped them feel more comfortable with the design process.

Crizac Case Study result banner
Crizac Case Study result mobile banner


The current website has a fresh look that makes it look more professional and sophisticated. The client witnessed a 50% decline in bounce rates

Crizac Case Study last banner
Crizac Case Study last mobile banner
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