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Project Preview

The Hindu Group, a leading Indian publishing house, sought to enhance the retention rates of their e-paper subscribers for two of their brands, Business Line and FrontLine. They partnered with Pixel Street to design a retention email journey that aimed to engage readers with expiring subscriptions and encourage renewals.

Pixel Street crafted a series of email creatives and push notifications tailored to each brand's visual identity, ensuring an engaging and consistent experience for subscribers.

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The primary challenges faced during the project were:

1. Creating targeted and engaging email content to drive subscription renewals

2. Ensuring consistency in design and messaging across multiple emailers

3. Timely delivery of email creatives and push notifications


Pixel Street tackled these challenges by:

1. Developing a series of 7 emailers for each brand, triggered during the last 14 days of the subscription, including reminders, offers, content highlights, and subscription benefits.

2. Adopting a data-driven approach to email content, ensuring relevance and personalization

3. Aligning the design and messaging with each brand's visual identity

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The Hindu Group result mobile banner


The partnership between The Hindu Group and Pixel Street led to an engaging email campaign that contributed to increased retention rates for e-paper subscribers. The strategic approach resulted in:

1. An effective and cohesive retention email journey for Business Line and FrontLine subscribers

2. Timely delivery of email creatives and push notifications, ensuring consistent engagement throughout the subscription renewal period

3. Increased retention rates for The Hindu Group's e-paper subscribers

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The Hindu Group mobile banner


The Hindu Group's successful retention email journey highlights the importance of strategic design and targeted messaging in driving subscription renewals. Pixel Street's expertise and commitment to delivering outstanding results played a major role in the success of The Hindu Group's e-paper retention campaign.

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