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As a branding agency in Kolkata, we create the wow-factor for businesses that want to stand out. We understand that a brand is more than a logo, tagline, product, or promise—it's the gut feeling about a product, service or organisation.

We develop your brand identity with strategic branding that just doesn’t grab attention but tell a story, evoke emotions, and build a genuine connection with their audience.

Our suite of creative services further amplifies your brand's voice - bespoke stationery, packaging that tells a story, posters that captivate, and marketing collaterals that drive action — we ensure every touchpoint is a testament to your brand's essence.

Ready to make a mark? Partner with our branding agency and let’s craft an identity that's both human and unforgettable.

Case Study

Mangaldeep 3in1 - A Design-Driven Launch Triumph

Packaging | Posters | Print Design | POSM’s | Mockups | Videos

Pixel Street played a pivotal role in the design execution of Mangaldeep's new 3in1 variant launch. Aligning with the 3in1 brand guidelines, our team crafted compelling designs across various creative assets, including packaging, posters, print design, POSMs, mockups, and videos.

Working in close collaboration with Mangaldeep's brand team, our focus was on a quick turnaround and timely delivery of creatives to meet the product launch deadline.

The harmonious partnership and dedication to high-quality design execution resulted in a highly successful launch, propelling Mangaldeep's new 3in1 variant to prominence in the market.

The Hindu Group - Retention Email Journey Success

Creatives | Email HTML | Push Notifications

Pixel Street partnered with The Hindu Group to design retention email journey creatives for two of their brands, Business Line and FrontLine. Our goal was to engage readers with expiring e-paper subscriptions and encourage renewals.

We crafted a series of email creatives that included multiple reminders, offers, content highlights, subscription benefits, and final offers. Each brand had a set of 7 emailers, triggered during the last 14 days of the subscription.

Our designs aligned with each brand's visual identity and effectively communicated the benefits of renewing their subscription. The result was an engaging email campaign that contributed to increased retention rates for The Hindu Group's e-paper subscribers.

ITC Matchbox - Legacy Revival on 75th Independence Day

Artwork Recreation | Packaging Design | Poster | Website Banner |

Pixel Street collaborated with the ITC brand team for a special campaign "ITC - Legacy Matchboxes." The campaign launched on the 75th Independence Day, aimed to showcase the heritage of ITC's matchbox collection of 75 legacy matchboxes.

We had to recreate the artwork for the matchbox packaging based on the old pictures. Our team meticulously worked on the details, ensuring that the recreated designs captured the essence of the original matchboxes while meeting modern print standards.

The ITC - Legacy Matchboxes campaign was a resounding success, generating buzz and appreciation for the brand. Pixel Street's dedication to accurate artwork recreation and high-quality design execution played a crucial role in the campaign's success and recognition.

Mangaldeep 3in1 Case Study
The Hindu Case Study
Legacy Matchbox Case Study

Creative Agency That Delivers


Brand-Centric Designs

Create designs that are tailored to your brand's unique identity, ensuring visual cohesion across all marketing channels.


Client-First Approach

Our commitment to understanding your needs and goals ensures that every creative solution is aligned with your brand strategy.


Multiple Revisions

We strive for perfection by offering multiple revisions, and fine-tuning our designs until they meet your expectations.


Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our team of designers and copywriters work together to create captivating designs and compelling narratives.


Speedy Delivery

We prioritise quick turnarounds without compromising on quality, delivering results that exceed expectations on time.


Cloud Storage

We securely store your project files on the cloud, ensuring easy access and seamless collaboration in the future.

Trusted By Clients

Squared Roofs web design client
Aarushi Verma
ITC Limited client

"Pixel Street has been instrumental in helping us build powerful visuals for our brands. He has often gone out of the way to understand our ask and help us out even with tight deadlines. The team is well equipped to deal with all our packaging and POSM needs. "

Squared Roofs web design client
Mohammed Rizwan
The Hindu client

"We've been working with Pixel Street on various creative projects. They've done an amazing work for different campaigns. Also, their speedy response and quick delivery has helped us deliver urgent projects on-time. "

VesselIQ web design client
Koustuv Halder
VesselI Qweb design logo

"Khurshid is a person who thinks outside the box to get any job done in the most unique way. Pixel team has helped us branding, identity, packaging and other collaterals for a new food grain brand Millette. The launch of the brand coincided with an exhibition in Russia. They worked under tight deadlines to deliver the work on time for the event."

Nutricious web design client
Devang Chowdhury
Nutricious web design logo

"We wanted to revamp our brand and collaborated with Pixel Street for our branding and creative services. I have worked with them for couple of years and very happy with their work. The kind of work they do is very rare to see in branding agencies in Kolkata. Really happy with our logo, website and collaterals. Thanks to Pixel team."

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding is the process of creating a distinct identity for a business in the mind of your target audience that sell similar product or services. It is in not only your logo, font, colour palette, packaging but every touch point that a consumer interacts with. The goal of branding is to earn space in the minds of the target audience and become their preferred option for doing business.

As a branding agency, we always strive to dive deeper than surface-level aesthetics. While many focus merely on visuals, we prioritise understanding the core fundamentals of a brand. We don't just create brands; we build relationships between businesses and their consumers through - strategy, design, and messaging.

Our brand identity packages are three fold with the following deliverables:

1. Standard - Brand Strategy, Logo, Colour Palette, Typography, Brand Guidelines.

2. Advanced - Everything in Basic plus - Stationery & Brandbook

Additional Add-Ons - Packaging, Website, Brochure, and other collaterals could be added.

We work with companies to provide various creative services such as - Packaging, Poster, Marketing Collaterals, Email Newsletter, Photoshoot, eCommerce Artwork, Animation/Editing

Yes, we do offer copywriting services for all the creatives we design. Our copywriters craft compelling content that not only complements the design but also effectively communicates your brand's message.

The timelines for our creative services vary based on the project's complexity and scope:

1. Packaging: 1 week, depending on design intricacies and feedback rounds.

2. Poster: 2-4 days, factoring in the concept and design iterations.

3. Marketing Collaterals: Depends on type of collateral.

4. Email Newsletter: 1 - 3 days for design and HTML.

5. Photoshoot: About 1 week, including post-processing and edits.

6. eCommerce Artwork: 2-4 days, based on the product and complexity.

7. Animation/Editing: 1-4 weeks, considering the length of the animation and the intricacies involved.

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