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Mangaldeep main banner
Mangaldeep main banner

Project Preview

Mangaldeep is a leading agarbatti (incense stick) brand in India, known for its wide range of products with diverse fragrances. The brand decided to launch a new variant - Mangaldeep 3in1 by combining three fragrances in one pack. We partnered with Mangaldeep for design across various creative assets.

Mangaldeep mid banner
Mangaldeep mid mobile banner


The primary challenges faced during the project were:

1. Time Constraints: A tight deadline for the product launch required quick turnaround times for all creative assets.

2. Brand-Centric Design: The need for maintaining a consistent brandcentric design across all creative materials.


We understood the urgency of the project and tackled the execution by:

1. Team Formation: A dedicated team including a creative head, copywriter, two graphic designers, and a video animator was formed.

2. Communication and Collaboration: Establishing a priority communication group with Mangaldeep’s brand team.

3. Brand Guidelines Adherence: Ensuring the use of Mangaldeep and 3in1 product brand guidelines for consistent design.

Mangaldeep result banner
Mangaldeep result mobile banner


The design-driven approach resulted in:

1. A seamless and consistent visual identity across all creative assets

2. Timely delivery of designs, ensuring the product launch stayed on schedule

3. Increased visibility for Mangaldeep's new 3in1 variant in the market

Mangaldeep last banner
Mangaldeep last mobile banner


The partnership led to a successful product launch, demonstrating the effectiveness of strategic planning, teamwork, and brand consistency in marketing.

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